Windows 10, pros and cons

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As an IT guy, I am often asked what to do with windows 10.

Here is my short experiment and recommendation.
First we try it on some configuration, read what people think over the net and debate.

  • What we tried :
    Migration of an old laptop (HP 6730b 9 years old) from Windows XP to 10. We did a clean installation from scratch. And surprisingly this old slow guy has no more driver’s problem and becomes faster. In this case it is a great success.
  • Migration of a Windows 7 virtual machine working on Virtual Box. We start with windows update but itdoesn’t launch because of drivers missing. We note that Microsoft prefers not to launch the process to save killing the computer. The pre-migration has done its job.
  • No test with Windows 8 just because we never installed it always preferred to stay on 7. Every time we tried, it was a bad experience.

Here are my conclusions so far.

If you have :

  • Windows 7 : wait for a moment specialy for privacy tools and drivers. But you have to migrate in about 6 months.
  • Windows Xp : you can migrate, it will give a new life to your computer. But you have to buy a new licence.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 : Go! Don’t hesitate, Windows 8 is just a big failure.

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